Proponents Of Common Sense Oppose Common Sense

To the Editor:

Sent to President Obama, Governor Malloy, Senators Blumenthal, Murphy, Feinstein, Reid, Congressman Esty.

Opinions posted in The Newtown Bee lately, by the editor and others, have promoted “common sense” measures to reduce firearms. “Common sense” is used as if readers understand what it means. I don't understand. My common sense leads me to far different conclusions.

Common sense tells me to protect myself against lethal force, I need to have access to lethal force of equal or greater magnitude; that law enforcement will likely be unable to protect me when a lethal threat occurs, as they will likely be elsewhere; that to protect school children congregated in large groups in confined spaces, the absolute worst option is to trap them in gun free zones, where psychotic cowards like Adam Lanza can butcher them without resistance. Someone in every school should be able to shoot back; that our brilliant founding fathers intended the Second Amendment as a means for individuals to protect themselves against the government. The government needs a militia, therefore the individual's right to arm himself against the government's militia shall not be infringed. Common sense tells me rights to hunting, defense of one's self, one's property, one's family are self-evident, whether expressly stated or not.

Though likely unaware of it, you proponents of common sense are actually proposing liberal, progressive thought, the opposite of common sense. Gun control laws are notoriously bad at reducing gun homicides, but it seems like they should work, therefore let's try more of them. Handguns appear in homicides 12-15 times as often as any type of rifle, therefore let's hijack the term “assault rifle” and ban those, because they look nasty, although other weapons are equally lethal. Such a ban was ineffective 1994 through 2004, therefore let's try it again. We must act fast, and the gun nuts will resist confiscation of handguns, our ultimate goal.

This is the thinking of statist politicians and bureaucrats, void of accountability and personal consequence and drunk on power. They feel empowered to spend their constituencies into lethal debt. They can fund socialism only through massive increases in taxation (which are on their way), and an armed populace will be far dicier to extort.

President Obama, Governor Malloy, Senators Blumenthal, Murphy, Reid, Feinstein, Congressman Esty – you have exploited the Sandy Hook shooting enough. You vilify responsible gun owners and manufacturers as you vilify the wealthy. You toxify the discourse by marketing your political agenda through our wounded community. You know as we know the legislation you propose has nothing at all to do with Sandy Hook. Use some true common sense and have some common decency. Develop solutions to treating the mentally ill. Address the financial problems you continue to cause. Stop wasting our money and destroying our future and leave the law abiding amongst us alone.

I swear to all you officials, our state and country would be so much better off if you would just go away.

Brendan Duffy

4 Chestnut Knoll Drive, Sandy Hook   February 27, 2013

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