A Moving Experience

To the Editor:

The March for Change in Hartford on Valentine's Day was a moving experience with an impressive group of Newtowners in attendance. The rally attracted more than 5,500 concerned Connecticut citizens.

Regardless of one's political views, the grassroots effort out of Newtown was inspiring.  So many people came together to make it possible to bus more than 300 mothers, fathers, children, clergy, and dedicated people to this event.

Thanks to our own Parks and Recreation and Public Works, our roads and parking lots were cleared after the record-breaking snow storm that crippled many of our neighboring towns.

Our Newtown team leaders, Barbara Patrick and Kate Mayer, organized an enthusiastic group of people to make arrangements and get the word out.  The bus captains made sure that everyone had a good trip, and Debbie Palmieri made it possible for residents to take one of seven free buses, guaranteeing that hundreds of Newtowners could be there to underscore the need for common sense gun laws. This is the kind of concerted effort that speaks well for the spirit of Newtown and improved safety for every child throughout Connecticut.

Michelle Embree Ku

28 Platts Hill Road, Newtown                      February 20, 2013

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