Public Views Cast-Glass Sandy Hook Memorial

On Sunday, June 29, at Curtis Packaging in Sandy Hook, members of the public at a reception viewed a sculpture commemorating those who were killed in the Sandy Hook School shooting on 12/14.

The stained-glass sculpture fashioned by artist Lucy Lyon of New Mexico was commissioned by local businessman Don Droppo, Sr. The artwork simply is known as Sandy Hook Memorial.

The 21-inch-tall symbolic glass sculpture has a 26-by-30-inch base. 

The finely detailed sculpture shows a library scene including tiny stained glass books which line six shelves surrounding 20 tiny glass chairs. The shelves represent the educators who died, and the chairs symbolize the children who were killed.

At the reception, Mr Droppo said that when directional light strikes the cast-glass sculpture in a certain way, the beauty of its stained glass is stunning.

Ms Lyon spoke at the reception to an audience of about 30 people.

The artwork is intended “to honor the spirits of the people who were lost,” she said.

The artwork took about one year to complete, she said, adding that producing the sculpture was an emotional experience.

The sculpture will be on display at Curtis Packaging, 44 Berkshire Road, throughout July, from 9 am to 4 pm on Mondays through Fridays.

A permanent location for the sculpture has yet to be determined.


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