Dental Associates Puts Smiles On Faces

Dental Associates, Inc of Newtown served up helpings of Rita’s “Ice Custard Delight” Italian ice to passersby Wednesday afternoon, June 18. Dr Elsa George and office manager Donna Brock said the idea came about as a way to treat people on Newtown’s last day of school.

“We called Rita’s and got a bunch of ice to give to the smiling faces as a treat for today,” said Dr George. “Rita’s ice seems to be the big thing theses days,” she said.

Enjoying the cold dessert on the hot and humid day, early on, were Robert George, and Joe and Lisa Coates. “It’s actually my day off,” laughed Lisa Coates, an assistant in the pediatrics department of Dental Associates.

A steady line of people stopped by to enjoy the raspberry, mango, root beer, and watermelon ice, including Sandy Proksa, her two sons Patrick and Alex Alvord, and their friend, Nico Velme from Bethel.

“We heard about this last week when we were here for one of the boys’ teeth cleanings, so we came back,” said Ms Proska. “They were so excited. We’re on our way to pick strawberries, but had to stop,” she said.

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