Halloween Walk In Sandy Hook Draws Trick-Or-Treaters

Photo: Eliza Hallabeck

Tommy, left, and Mikey Trudeau posed for a photo during the Saturday, October 26, SHOP (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity) Halloween Walk.

As trick-or-treaters began making their way through Sandy Hook Village for a Halloween Walk, participating businesses were ready on Saturday, October 26.

This year marked the third Halloween Walk hosted by Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity, better known as SHOP. Local children were invited to attend with parent or other adult and in their best, scariest, funniest, and creative Halloween outfits. As trick-or-treaters stopped at various businesses, they received candy and treats.

Organizer Sharon Doherty of PJ’s Laundromat, said this year’s Halloween Walk had the largest turnout yet.

“I think it went really well. There was a lot of little kids down here in costumes,” said Ms Doherty.

Ms Doherty said the day offered a safe environment for students to trick-or-treat during the day. While Ms Doherty said she primarily stayed at PJ’s Laundromat for the event, she also walked around with her 10-year-old son to check in with the other vendors. Everyone, Ms Doherty said, reported having a great time.

“It’s for the little kids and that’s what it is all about. The little kids having a good time,” said Ms Doherty.

The age range of participants seemed to be on the younger side this year, according to Ms Doherty, adding, “I think overall it was a great event.”

The event was in the business district of Sandy Hook.

Costumes on Saturday ranged from super heroes to Pac-Man ghosts, and Ms Doherty said her favorite trick-or-treaters were two young, roughly 2 years old, participants dressed as firefighters.

For more information see the “S.H.O.P. — Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity” page on Facebook or experiencesandyhook.com.

Photo: Eliza Hallabeck

Brett, left, mom Jeannine, and Blacke Palmer made their way through Sandy Hook at Saturday’s Halloween Walk.

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