Trick Or Treat…Or Pizza At Dickinson Park

Witches were more concerned about candy than casting spells, and super heroes, monsters, butterflies and bumble bees shared tables to eat pizza Thursday, October 24, as dusk fell over Dickinson Park. Again this year the Parks & Recreation Department offered hayrides and threw a Halloween party for young children.

Dressed as the Cookie Monster, Jake Ragan and his sister Riley, a corduroy bear, played games set up under the pavilion. Connor Child wore a cowboy hat, long duster, and red bandana to complete his outfit. Ava Carlson took her inspiration from Broadway and dressed in a red dress and vibrant red wig as orphan Annie. Around her were several butterflies and quite a few firemen and young Supermans.

Wearing an orange knit scarf and tall black hat, Abigail Rivas was a rosy cheeked witch.

Saying that the afternoon was a bit chilly, but nice, Assistant Director of Recreation RoseAnn Reggiano was pleased with the turnout. Parents and children queued in the upper lot as one of two tractors pulling beds full of hay bales took guests along roads around the park.

Among the pirates, ninja warriors, and costumes following movie themes was Alicia Ligouri as Ariel, of movie mermaid fame. Brayden and Carter Bisson wore wild wigs and ragged clothing as two pirates coming to raid the park for candy. As they rushed toward the pavilion, they passed Jack Conroy who had eyes only for his grape lilipop. Dressed in his bright yellow and black bee costume, he happily ate his treat.

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