Take Home A Piece Of Sandy Hook Arcade Center: Final Sales, Give-Aways, Saturday

After a very successful run that lasted more than twice as long as originally planned, Sandy Hook Arcade Center closed its doors on Monday, September 2. The arcade, set up in a storefront at Sand Hill Plaza, opened in February. Co-founders Andrew Clure and Scott Cicciari expected to have the temporary space open for three months, but ended up keeping the space operational until Labor Day.

Mr Clure and Mr Cicciari continue to clear out the space that for seven months had been filled with the sounds of ringing bells, air hockey pucks pinging against the side of the game, and plenty of laughter and conversation. Residents of all ages had been invited to visit the center any time it was open, free of charge. Out-of-town guests were also welcomed, and asked to offer a small financial donation.

Mr Cicciari and Mr Clure funded SHAC’s opening. Its ongoing operations had been funded through donations. Games were loaned from various gaming vendors with the American Amusement Machine Association.

This weekend the men will continue clearing out the arcade space, and will be offering furniture and other items for sale during a three-hour time slot.

Tables, stools, television cabinets, and other items will be available for purchase on Saturday, September 28, between 11 am and 2 pm.

Three vintage pinball machines that were part of the arcade will be offered. They are Jacks Open, for $900 (information on that game is available here); Rocky & Bullwinkle, $2,000 (information here); and Joker Poker, $1,000 (information here).

The men will also be giving away “some shiny undistributed tokens and the last of our stuffed animals, while supplies last,” according to a post on SHAC’s Facebook page. Created for the arcade, the gold-colored tokens featured the Town of Newtown seal on one side, and a remembrance ribbon and the words Sandy Hook Arcade Center on the other.

Meanwhile, some of the items that were part of the arcade have been donated around town. Two Foosball tables have been relocated to Newtown Youth Academy, and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue’s main station was given the arcade’s Keurig machine “and all the supplies to go along with it (thank you Dunkin' Donuts),” according to a post this week on the arcade’s Facebook page. In addition, FAITH Food Pantry and the Salvation Army Food Bank at Newtown Social Services were the recipients of ten cases of Pepsi products as well as coffee supplies.

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