Family Fun For All At Ice Cream Social

Photo: Andy Hutchison

Reed Intermediate School Assistant Principal Jill Bontatibus Beaudry serves ice cream to Lauren Boyle and her son, Gavin.

Families were out in full force to pile on the sweet toppings and participate in activities at the many booths set up behind Trinity Episcopal Church during an ice cream social hosted by Ben’s Lighthouse on August 31. Ben’s Lighthouse is an organization dedicated to supporting and uplifting children in the wake of 12/14.

Ferris Acres Creamery provided ice cream, a portion of which it donated, and the scoops were served by town officials, teachers, coaches, emergency responders, and clergy.

There were smiles all around as children engaged in fun-filled therapeutic activities through a variety of vehicles, such as art, music, juggling, petting Pet Partners Therapy Dogs and, of course, eating ice cream.

Among those on hand were Newtown Kindness, Bead of Roses, Ben’s Bells, Emerald Sketch Art Therapy, Newtown Juggling & Circus Arts Club Founder John Wisnieff, Connecticut Music Therapy Services, Newtown Trauma Relief Project, Dental Associates Of Connecticut, and Resiliency Center of Newtown.

Volunteers worked with children and their parents at each station, allowing them to show their creativity and enjoy the afternoon. Newtown Kindness gave out lemonade kits that promote kindness by encouraging children to give away some of the lemonade. Children tapped drums and played other instruments as Connecticut Music Therapy Services co-directors Jennifer Sokira and Emily Bevelaqua strummed the guitar and sang songs.

Parents also assisted their children in a variety of craft projects, including painting ceramic works of art to be hung randomly across the country through Ben’s Bells. 

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