A Big Time Rush!

Photo: John Voket

The excitement is growing, and so is the size of the crowd at Fairfield Hills for tonight’s Big Time Rush concert.

Just over 3,500 ticket-holders will fill the softball and soccer fields off Keating Farms Avenue, and many of them have already arrived.

Among those already at the event is First Selectman Pat Llodra, who will be enjoying the show with three granddaughters. From left in the above photo is Katharine Barrows, Mrs Llodra, Kendall Schmidt of BTR, and Julie and Olivia Barrows. The band is expected to hit the stage at 7 pm.



Our first reader submitted photo: Sandy Hook School fourth grade students Sofia Lebinski (left) and Samantha Delgiudice are ready for Big Time Rush. 

Photo: Alison Kistner


Young fans with what look like seats very close to the stage at Fairfield Hills.

Photo: Sherri Smith Baggett

Young fans have already begun dancing to the opening act, and are ready for Big Time Rush.

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