Photography Exhibit In Monroe Featuring Works Of Newtown Photographer Paul R. Berger

MONROE — Newtown fine art photographer Paul R. Berger is exhibiting a compelling selection of his landscapes, architectural, and editorial images at Edith Wheeler Memorial Library during the month of July. They are on view in the lower meeting room of the library, 7 Fan Hill Road.

According to Mr Berger, the use of traditional film rather than digital format requires a slightly more patient approach to his craft.

“I really enjoy shooting with film, but the overall process tends to be more involved and admittedly a little slower,” he said. Of this slower pacing the photographer says, “It turns out that it’s a good match for me, for the way I visualize my subjects and my efforts to craft a meaningful photograph.”

Shooting medium format film, which is roughly four times the size of 35 millimeter film, means even his larger prints turn out extremely sharp.

“My photographs feature some element of lighting, composition, texture, or timing that I hope moves the viewer to interpret the image from a slightly different point of view, one that translates into a more meaningful impact.I’'m hesitant to predict exactly what that impact should be in other people, or which photos are likely to generate the strongest reactions. But if they stir some emotion, cause some curiosity, inspire a desire to visit that certain place, or perhaps generate a particular mood, I consider them successful,” explains Mr Berger in describing his work. 

This photography exhibit is part of an ongoing program by the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library designed to offer the community greater exposure to the arts by showcasing the work of local artists. In keeping with the library’s mission to be a key resource for learning and information, the exhibit is free and open to the public.  Information on library hours can be found at ewml.org.

Paul Berger was born and raised in Louisville, Ky., and got his start in photography with his parents’ cameras. He attended Roger Ludlowe High School in Fairfield and graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., where he took photography courses and learned black and white darkroom and printing techniques.

Mr Berger has exhibited in venues in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. In 2012 Mr Berger was awarded a solo exhibit at Danbury City Hall in conjunction with the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut’s Accessible Art program.

The Newtown photographer has just completed another solo show, “Discovering Solitude,” at The Gallery at Still River Editions in Danbury.

Additional photos and information can be found on his website, overthehorizonphotography.com.

Mr Berger runs his own corporate communications business in Newtown, where he lives with his wife and children.


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