CVTU Youth Education Day May 10

Young anglers can try their luck Saturday, May 10, during the sixth annual Candlewood Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited’s (CVTU) Youth Education Day

CVTU members will be teaching children about the sport of fly fishing, fly tying, and stream ecology. Participants will meet at St John’s Episcopal Church, 5 Washington Avenue in Sandy Hook, at 8:30 am, and then walk across the road to the Pootatuck River banks. Volunteers will teach children the basics of fishing for trout with a fly rod, will explore the streambed to understand the food chain of this special habitat, and will get to try their hand at tying a fly.

The event is free and open to children ages 8-18, and their parents. The event will continue until 1:30 pm.

“For several years, the chapter has been active in helping to restore trout habitat as well as educate student through our Trout in the Classroom programs in Newtown, New Milford, and nearby towns,” said CVTU President Steve Zakur. “It feels natural for us to extend our activities to help a new generation develop a love for the sport of fly fishing and for coldwater conservation.

“In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to find time to teach our children about the outdoors and sports like fishing,” he added. “We hope that this event will jump start the skills needed to provide parents and children with a lifelong appreciation of fishing and trout habitat.”

Parents and children must register for this event. Those seeking more information or who would like to register can visit the CVTU website at CVTU.org or call Mr Zakur at 203-304-8217.

Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds. TU accomplishes this mission on local, state, and national levels with an extensive and dedicated volunteer network. The organization has more than 125,000 volunteers in 500 chapters nationwide to keep them active and involved in conservation issues.

The Candlewood Valley Chapter supports TU’s mission by doing local projects for stream and river conservation and restoration. CVTU has spent an estimated $250,000 over the past decade working with state and federal agencies to improve coldwater habitat along Deep Brook and the Pootatuck River.

“Deep Brook is a premier coldwater fishery recognized by the state as one of ten Class I Wild Trout Management Areas and deserves special protection” said Mr Zakur.

The chapter also plays an active role in the community through youth programs such as Trout in the Classroom and the annual Youth Education Day. Members enjoy active camaraderie in these projects, along with joint fishing activities throughout the year.


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