Design It, Build It, Launch It!

Among this summer’s camp offerings through Newtown Continuing Education was a new science camp called “Design It, Built It, Launch It!”

The camp, overseen and created by Fairfield fifth grade teacher Rick Lowry, is geared toward upper elementary and middle school students who enjoy both engineering and physics.

Students in the program learn about machines such as catapults and trebuchets by building and testing them. Students also explore modern inventions such as rockets and hovercraft and “egg drop” devices during the camp, according to Newtown Continuing Education.

“I like building things and I like hands-on experiences,” said student Chris MacNamara on Thursday, July 10, the fourth day of the first session of the camp.

“It’s really fun,” said fellow camper Jordan Conrad, who was working on fixing his design for an air pressure rocket. “I really like it. It’s my first year doing it, but I am really glad I am doing it.”

By Thursday, Mr Lowry said students in the Design It, Built It, Launch It! camp had already discussed science topics, including trajectory, potential energy, and kinetic energy. He also said the students had built catapults, “mouse trap cars,” and other projects.

The second session of the camp is set to run from July 21 to August 1. There is a fee of $349 for the course. Parents can find the camp’s registration form online at newtown.k12.ct.us.

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