A Beautiful Day In The Field

Photo: Shannon Hicks

A very traditional field day event, scooter races had pairs of students rolling across a section of playground, racing against three other teams.

Just a few days before they cheered for the end of the school year, Middle Gate Elementary School students spent the day cheering for each other during the annual daylong day in the sun that is Field Day.

Having been postponed from a rainy June 13, all of the school’s students and most faculty members instead spent a sunny Monday, June 16, outdoors at the Cold Spring Road school.

At least ten activity stations were set up in the playground and field areas behind the school, and students were able to participate at each one. The Buddy Walker Relay was not only a challenge for pairs of students against other teams, but also a study in coordination.

Photo: Shannon Hicks

Tori Lewis closes on in a stack of cups while competing in Speed Stack Relay while other members of Mrs Boff’s class look on.

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