Sandy Hook School Field Day: Fun In The Rain

In two sessions, students at Sandy Hook Elementary School took part in their school’s Field Day, held on Thursday, June 12.

By the time the third and fourth grade students had made their way out to the back field at Monroe’s Chalk Hill Middle School, mud was forming. The younger grades participated in their Field Day later in the day.

Sandy Hook School physical education teacher Jaclyn Lloyd said ten stations were set up for the event, and students made their way through the stations with their classes. The classes spent less than a quarter of an hour at each station.

Like last year’s Field Day, Ms Lloyd said the day was focused on a theme of cooperation. Less competitive stations were introduced last year, and many returned this year, according to Ms Lloyd. There were a few new additions, like fishing for ducks in a small plastic swimming pool.

Other stations set up for the day included water sponges, which had students race to fill buckets with water from soaked sponges; the parachute, which had students work together to lift a parachute; a team potato sack race, which had two students work together to use one sack, covering one leg of each student, to make it to the finish; an obstacle course; and stacking “jumbo cups.”

“The rain is fun,” said student Brooke Kinsey, while waiting for her chance to stack jumbo cups then jump over the stacked creation.

Multiple students agreed that the day was fun overall, but the rain made it special.

Students worked together throughout the event and cheered each other on.

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