Head O’ Meadow Grooves For Project ACES

Head O’ Meadow Elementary School joined other schools and organizations around the world on Wednesday, May 7, when staff, students, and administrators at the school gathered in the school’s cafetorium to exercise.

“Is everybody ready to move today?” asked physical education teacher Steve “Coach” Dreger before leading the gathered school community, with the help of a few chosen students, through exercises.

Coach Dreger also explained the school was about to participate in Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously), a program to raise awareness of the importance of exercise and good health.

Some of the moves Coach Dreger shared for the event included “tap to the side,” “scissor,” “imaginary jump rope,” and “knee taps.”

“With all of these moves if you want to get a little bit more out of it, you can do a squat,” Coach Dreger said.

The first song the students grooved to was “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by the Baha Men. Some students sang along with the song as they jumped, tapped, and side-stepped.

 More information about the Project ACES can be found at projectaces.com.

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