Housatonic Valley Waldorf School Welcomes Spring

A gathering of Housatonic Valley Waldorf School students, faculty, staff, family members, and other invited guests welcomed spring on Friday, May 2, with traditional Maypole, and Morris & Sword dances.

All grade level students at the school began the event, an annual tradition, by performing the song “Hal ‘n Tow,” according to Patricia Campbell, who directed the students and acted as the events announcer, while dancing.

Following the performance of “Hal ‘n Tow,” students in the school’s early childhood program wove ribbon patterns around a Maypole that was set up at the school just for the event.

Different Morris and Sword dances were performed by different grade levels at the school Friday afternoon. Other grades also wove Maypole ribbon patterns, and some performed music including sixth and seventh graders who performed recorder tunes.

Friday’s event marked the 23nd Annual May Fair held by Housatonic Valley Waldorf School.

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