Newtown High School Connections Students Learn About NUSAR

Newtown Underwater Search And Rescue (NUSAR) members visited Newtown High School on Friday, March 28, to offer a demonstration of what the volunteer group does and the types of equipment it uses.

NUSAR Chief Mike McCarthy said the high school students were offered a tour of one of NUSAR’s rescue vehicles, learned safety precautions followed by NUSAR, and learned the different types of tools and gear used for underwater searches.

During part of the presentation, NUSAR members Brian Solt and Fred LeMay wore gear and went underwater in the school’s pool to communicate with students using headsets. Students took turns talking to the divers.

Mr Solt explained he tried to give the students an understanding of the types of communications that are necessary during an underwater search and rescue and the kinds of obstacles that may be faced. He also said that by listening to the divers breathing, he demonstrated for the students how to gauge whether the diver may be exhibiting effects of using too much effort.

NUSAR President Nick Kopcik and member Lee Wesson were also at NHS for the presentation.

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