‘Peter Pan’ Being Staged This Weekend At Newtown High School

Newtown High School’s musical production of Peter Pan is set for showings this weekend, March 20 to 23.

Peter Pan is the story of a mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up; he spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang, the Lost Boys, but visits the Darling home in London hoping to entice the daughter Wendy to become a mother to his boys..

Performances will be Thursday to Saturday, March 20 to 22, at 7 pm; and Sunday, March 23, at 2 pm. Ticket prices are $16 for general admission and $12 for students and seniors, and tickets will be available at the door.

Professional equipment has been brought in to help bring the story’s magic to life on the NHS stage. To afford the gear and professional assistance to install the equipment, NHS parent Linda Watson set up a website (gofundme.com/6b741k) to raise a goal of $5,000. Corporate sponsors were also sought for the production.

Jane Matson is the director and choreographer for the production, Brett Boles is its musical director, Kurt Eckhardt is student orchestra coordinator, Jenna Siroky is assistant choreographer, Janice Gabriel is producer, Kirsten Liniger is assistant producer, Mitchell Girgasky is technical director and lighting head, Britt Pearson is production stage manager, Mike Biancardi is stage manager, and set design and construction is being overseen by Eric Greto, Zach Charles, Bill Mangold, and Mike Cummings. Lindsay Fuori is the production’s scenic art designer, Kevin Liniger is overseeing sound, and the production’s costume head is Emma Sullivan.

More than 75 students will appear in the cast. In order of appearance, cast members and the parts they portray are: Lauren Russo, Tinker Bell; Lexi Tobin, Wendy; Jeff Haylon, John; Annika Fagerholm, Liza; Regan Gallagher, Michael; Alessandra Lalli, Nana/Croc; Katie Wolff, Mrs Darling; Aidan Petershack, Mr Darling; Victoria Madden, Peter Pan; Kyle Watkins, Slightly; Sean Dalton, Tootles; Michelle Zarifis, Curly; Ian Fuchs, Nibs; Emily Crebbin, Twin #1; Kylie Gallagher, Twin #2; CJ Landgrebe, Captain Hook; Kyle Mangold, Smee; Kirsten Liniger, Tiger Lily; Charlie Poarch, Starkey; Cal Creeden, Cecco; Bonnie Buchetto, Noodler; Dawson Goodrich, Mullins; Nick Crone, Jukes; and Megan Primavera, Jane.

 The part of the Fairies will be played by Kyra Alvarez, Pip Gamble, Juliana Koziol, Megan Primavera, Julia Reczek, Jenna Siroky, and Riley Smith.

The Indians will be portrayed by Jaden Albrecht, Kyra Alvarez, Portia Baudisch, Pip Gamble, Rachel Goldman, Allison Indelicato, Catie Ingersoll, Juliana Koziol, Megan Primavera, Julia Reczek, Emily Sippin, and Riley Smith.

The Lost Boys will be played by Madi Aug, Julia Bogdanoff, Kelsey Nicholson, Charles Romano, John Santayana, and Amy Talbot.

Portraying Pirates will be Marissa Buongiorno, Nick Crone, Katie Davin, Bridget Duero, Annika Fagerholm, Christopher Gamble, Dawson Goodrich, Alli Lalli, Trevor Legeret, Sasha Nanavaty, Faith Pereira, Aidan Petershack, Cam Vazquez, Joe Verga, Brittany Watson, and Abbi Winters.

The Pirate Ensemble will be played by Ajene Arokium, Jaime Beaurline, Molly Begg, Calista Giroux, Ashlee Honiker, Madeline Marlin, Jessica Plouffe, Kimberly Saltzman, Juliana Sansonetti, Melissa Shohet, and Claire Swanson.

Crew members are Brenna Anderson, Leah Bromberg, Kate Butera, Abby Callery, Stef Carr, Kaitlyn Crumb, Danny Cummings, Kaitlyn DaPra, Molly Dardine, Natane Davis, Arianna DellaCorte, Matt DiCristina, Monique Dubois, Harry Duffy, Jeni Edwards, Jillian Gibney, Maggie Gorman, Mary Kate Halmose, Erin Hartgraves, Tim Jaeger, Justin Kaiser, Caitlin Keane, Gillian Kirlin, John Locke, Tim Mammen, Sean McGrath, Nancy Michaud, Katherine Mickewich, Jillian Milano, Megan Milano, Megan Nahmias, Kelsey O’Connor, Sam Pellicone, Izzy Pryor, Mac Sullivan, Amanda Tramposch, and Tommy Warner Crouch.

The orchestra is made up of students, professional musicians, and musicians from the community. They are: Maryyam Ali, Elizabeth Charash, Gabi Perpignand, Rebecca Romano, Molly Spak, Clarinet Simone Felis, Rachael Fuchs, Rachel Buzzi, Robin Rockwell, Richie Sadlon, Louise Barranger, Austin Iesu, Julia Schoeni, Grant Larnerd, Kurt Eckhardt, Dan Spillane, Grace Clark, Noelle Veillette, Emma Hungaski, Madeline Marlin, Katie Stawaisz, Alex DePra, George Ferris, Kai Hedin, Gemma Hyeon, Anna Pinckney, Sara Roman, Zach Weiland, Keith Hedin, Tom Rahr, Emma Jane Tallon, Amy Anyoha, Elizabeth Chamiec-Case, Lydia Field, Nathyn Horvath, Michael Unschuld, Natalie Tenenbaum and Mimi Hawke.

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