‘Grease: School Version’ Ready To ‘Tell Me More’

The Newtown Middle School’s musical production of Grease: School Version is set to run this Friday, March 14, through Sunday, March 16.

Students continued to work after school for the production this week, and a free Senior Tea was held Thursday afternoon for senior citizens.

The school version is an abridged version with content suitable for younger audiences of the musical, which follows the story of teenagers in 1959 through romances and high school.

Grease: School Version is set to be performed Friday and Saturday at 7 pm, and Sunday at 2 pm.

Tickets will be $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors, and are available at the door.

According to the school, the participating students and their roles are: Liza Tananbaum, Sandy Dumbrowski; Jack Armstrong, Danny Zuko; Amelia Henriques, Betty Rizzo; Seryne Aryeh, Marty; Elle Sauli, Frenchy; Tess Mubarek, Jan; Quinn Fitzgerald, Kenickie; Mat Schumer, Roger; Jack Premus, Doody; Ethan Cox, Sonny LaTierri; Jake Duarte, Putzie; Barrett DeYoung, Johnny Casino; Brooks Petershack, Teen Angel; Matty Murphy, Eugene Florczyk; Talia Hankin, Patty Simcox; Shannon Cheh, Miss Lynch; Emma Stierle, Cha Cha DiGregorio; McKenzie Iazzetta, Radio Singer; and Justin Woodard, Vince Fontaine.

“Greaser Ensemble” cast members are Kyle Burbank, Justin Woodard, Jackson Mittleman, and David Petrini.

“Greaser Girl Ensemble” members are Belle Phelps, Emma Stierle, Jordan Williams, Julia Shuman, Kelly Garcia, Mackenzie Roche, McKenzie Iazzetta, Phoebe Doscher, and Sophia Zimmerman.

Madison Findley, Phoebe Doscher, Sarah Hornby, and Christina Sgobbo are playing cheerleaders in the production.

Kyle Burbank will play Hero’s Voice, Julia Shuman will play Shelia’s Voice, and David Petrini will play Scientist Voice.

The “Heavenly Chorus” girl ensemble members are: Abi Barrett, Angela Vodola, Bridget Morrissey, Cate Norton, Christina Sgobbo, Dorothy Yllanes, Eirenie Athanasoulis, Erin Mitchell, Gillian Faircloth, Heidi Poarch, Julia Clark, Katie Peterson, Lucy Henderson, Mackenzie Browne, Maddy Albee, Madison Findley, Maggie Sheridan, Maggie Zuvanich, Marley Marston, Melissa Nowak, Sarah Grant, Sarah Hornby, Sarah Simonson, Shanna Adam, Shannon Cheh, Sidney Blagbrough, Sophia Spraggins, Stephanie Cobb, Sydney Marino, Teah Renzi, and Victoria Keayes.

Daisy MacDonald and Harrison Hoffert are the stage managers for the production.

Crew Heads are Grace Howgego, Isabella Wakeman, Kristina Goeree, Silas Decker, and Tallie Nikitchyuk.

Michael Murphy is the director’s assistant for the production.          

Student crew members are Abby Pereira, Alex Musen, Amanda Bradbury, Ashley Solomon, Camryn Findley, Colby Fower, Daniel Reilly, Elizabeth Salley, Emma DaSilva, Haley Streck, Josh Harper, Katelyn Henchcliffe, Katherine Donnelly, Kayla McClay, Kelsey Danuszar, Lucy Scarangella, Megan Cooney, Renee Duval, Sarah Dowling, Shane Powers, Sienna Cummings, and Sophie Wolfman.

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