Ocean Day At Trinity Day School

Trinity Day School celebrated Ocean Day on Friday, October 25. The event consisted of different play centers specialized for the 4-year-old children, with a parent volunteer or teacher at each station to help oversee the activity.

Trinity Day School Director Kathryn Cornelio explained to the students how the event would go throughout the day and how they would participate.

Before the children began taking part in Ocean Day, science teacher Michelle Macey discussed with the six parent volunteers the operation of the individual stations  Activities included water tables for the sensory area, a scuba diving center for the kids to dress up and explore, a puzzle center, a table to make sand castles, a fish and dolphin painting area, and even an octopus station.

Photo: Alissa Silber

Noah Bopp, left, Helen Salame, middle and Reese Kenny sat together at the table decorating sandcastles during Ocean Day at Trinity Day School on Friday, October 25.

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