Remo Donates To NHS Bands

Remo — a California-based company that produces drumsets, world percussion instruments, and drumheads, according to its website — recently donated $2,500 worth of drum/percussion heads and supplies to Newtown High School for use by the school’s bands.

The donation was facilitated by the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission, and was received at the school by Monday, September 16. NHS Band Director Kurt Eckhardt said the donation was the first of its kind.

“We are very grateful,” said Mr Eckhardt. “These drum heads are very expensive and we feel that the warm gesture by the Remo corporation is very special to us in Newtown.”

According to Robert Rabinowitz, the secretary for the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission, the donation marks the second time Remo has given to the Newtown community. Remo, Mr Rabinowitz said, also gave a number of drums to HealingNewtown for use by My Circles of Love at various events, workshops, and drum circles.

“They have been extremely generous and the [Newtown Cultural Arts Commission] is very happy we were able to partner with the school system and NHS and Kurt Eckhardt to make this donation possible,” said Mr Rabinowitz.

Mr Eckhardt also said donations are always appreciated, and for information on donating to the high school bands, e-mail him at eckhardtk@newtown.k12.ct.us

“This is really great for the school,” said Mr Rabinowitz. He added, “Remo has been absolutely fantastic to the town.”

Remo Manager of Education Bruce Jacoby said the company received a “wish list” from the high school, and that started everything. After the events of 12/14, Mr Jacoby said his company wanted to help students focus on moving forward.

“We just really feel that health and wellness and drumming all combine to help communities everywhere,” said Mr Jacoby.

Rhythm making, Mr Jacoby said, has been proven to have healing benefits in a group setting, and that, he said, will immediately help the Newtown community.

“It’s just something I thought would be a good thing to do,” Mr Jacoby said.

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