Welcoming Spring At Housatonic Valley Waldorf School

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School students, faculty, staff, families, and school friends welcomed spring on Friday, May 3, with traditional Maypole and Morris & Sword dances.

“May Fairs all over the world are very joyous celebrations,” said Patricia Campbell, who directed the students throughout the event. “It is a time for waking up the earth after winter so that crops will grow, the flowers will come out.”

Ms Campbell explained the different Morris & Sword dances performed by students on Friday, “go back to Shakespeare’s time.”

“They are ritual dances, and they are for celebrating spring,” said Ms Campbell.

Different Morris & Sword dances were performed by different grade levels at the school.

Some grades wove Maypole ribbon patterns, some grades performed music, like the sixth and seventh grade students who played recorder tunes.

 Friday’s event marked the 22nd Annual May Fair, held by Housatonic Valley Waldorf School.

 Fran Hendrickson also provided music for the event.

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