Newtown Youth & Family Services To Offer ‘Safety Town’

Newtown Youth & Family Services is planning to offer a program called “Safety Town” for two sessions in July. The program will give children about to enter kindergarten the chance to learn about safety in a town environment, to scale.

NYFS Community Coordinator Kaitlyn Johnson said the organization is currently looking for local builders to design small buildings that could be replicas of buildings in town, if local companies or individuals sponsor the construction of the buildings.

The small buildings, once commissioned and completed, will be the backdrop for the Safety Town learning environment.

Ms Johnson said NYFS learned about the Safety Town program from the Junior Women’s Club in Vernon, which has offered the program before.

Each session of Safety Town will be one week long, and each will be devoted to teaching the participating students about safety.

Once the tiny buildings are completed, Ms Johnson said Safety Town will be set up as a small town, with cross walks, stop lights, and other important street markers.

The program will bring in local experts, like police and members of local fire companies, to explain different aspects of safety. Ms Johnson said she hopes to have a water safety instructor to demonstrate life vests, a karate instructor to talk about “stranger danger” and self-defense, and an EMS person attend Safety Town to teach the children about basic first aid. Other plans for Safety Town include asking All-Star Transportation visit to teach the children how to get on a bus, and having the children learn traffic laws from police members while the children practice “driving” around the Safety Town, hopefully with Power Wheels if donations are made to the organization to cover the cost.

Ms Johnson said a teacher will also be on hand to handle the curriculum aspect of Safety Town.

NYFS is searching for local businesses that would sponsor the buildings, and constructors, architects, painters, and other professionals who could help build the small buildings.

According to NYFS, the goal of Safety Town is to provide incoming kindergarten students valuable safety instruction in preparation for elementary school.

For more information about Safety Town or NYFS call 203-270-4335 or visit www.newtownyouthandfamilyservices.org.

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