Resident Raising Money To Rove With ‘Me To We’

This summer Liz Tarshis, a junior at Bridgewater State University and a 2012 Newtown High School graduate, is set to participate in a trip to Ecuador with the organization Me to We, a sister organization of Free the Children, but she needs to raise $4,000 first to cover the costs of travel, shots, insurance, amenities, and more.

The trip to Ecuador will include assisting in the construction of a school, participating in clean water projects, and becoming immersed in culture, according to Liz. She has already used a fundraising effort provided through Me to We that had her selling Kenyan tribal jewelry, with half the proceeds going to the tribe and half going to her efforts. With that effort finished, Liz is looking for other ways to raise money.

Liz is majoring in economics at Bridgewater State University, but after taking a sociology class, taught by Jonathan White, in her sophomore year she added sociology as a double major.

“My teacher always in class talked about these amazing trips where people got to go overseas and go to third world countries to really get involved with the culture,” said Liz, explaining Mr White was deeply involved with the Free the Children organization, a partner organization with Me to We.

Liz said Free the Children empowers youth to make changes and was started by a 12-year-old boy who learned about child labor.

“Ever since that class I have become more involved,” said Liz.

She later learned about the Me to We organization. According to Me to We’s website, www.metowe.com, the organization “transforms people into world-changers, one action, and one experience at a time.”

Liz said she is expecting her trip this summer will solidify her desire to make change in the world.

“I’m really excited to go, because I am learning so much about these issues. They speak a lot to me,” said Liz.

The trip will bring issues she said she has read about in text books into her reality.

“Just to be able to see this firsthand is such an incredible experience,” Liz said.

Liz is working two jobs while attending Bridgewater State University full-time, and said if she ends up raising more than her needed $4,000 she will give the money to Me to We, which will then use the money to create clean water projects and fund building schools.

 Liz’s fundraising site on Me to We is available at http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=1694826&langPref=en-CA. She can also be e-mailed at etarshis@student.bridgewater.edu for more information about donating to her fundraising effort.

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