Business Buzz: Pawtown Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service


Suzan Hurtuk established Pawtown Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service in Newtown in 2009, but this year expanded the “Paw Team” to include two assistants, Tricia Owens and George Reed.

“The demand had me looking for help, and hiring Tricia and George came naturally — they were former clients,” Ms Hurtuk said. “They are both wonderful people whom I’ve known for many years,” she said. All members of the Paw Team are fully bonded and insured.

Pawtown offers complete pet care, including daily dog walks, pet sitting visits or overnight pet and house sitting, pet fitness activities, and pet transport.

“For me, this business is adventures in pet sitting, making contacts and forming relationships with both my pet and human clients,” Ms Hurtuk said.

Pet walking goes beyond a stroll around the block. “We take dogs to the park, I run with them, walk with them, and I’ll even be roller skating with one in the future that is a very active client,” she said. “I’m always looking for ways to keep them interested. It’s a creative outlet for me, always thinking up new ways to have fun with the animals,” Ms Hurtuk said.

The all-weather, comprehensive care can include play dates for clients that know each other and that Ms Hurtuk is confident will get along with each other.

Pawtown offers yet another service: pet portraits and photography, which she plans to grow this year.

For availability, contact Ms Hurtuk at 203-241-9870 or info@Pawtown.net.

Fun photos and fun facts about Pawtown Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service can also be found on her website, www.Pawtown.net or at www.Facebook.com/Pawtown.

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