A Wonderful Experience

To the Editor:

What a wonderful experience! Newtown can be proud of its young people.

We as senior citizens were delighted to be invited to the dress rehearsal of Peter Pan at the high school and the lovely dinner that preceded it.

We were met at the door by several young people from the student government, eager to talk with us and escort us to the cafeteria for our dinner sponsored by the PTSA. We sincerely wish to thank our hosts.

The meal and social time were lovely and the play and music were outstanding. The professionalism of the cast, orchestra, the scenery creators and all those behind the scenes is a tribute not only to these young people but to the teachers and other adults who guide them. It was a memorable evening for all of us.

John and Vicki Boccuzzi

61 Queen Street, Newtown                    March 21, 2014

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