Unity Riders Arriving Today; All Related Events Taking Place At 2GHG HQ

The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard will welcome The Unity Riders to the 2GHG headquarters today.

The group is expected to arrive by late morning, and welcoming ceremonies are scheduled to begin right around noon, according to 2LT Ken Fay, public affairs officer for Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard.

“We would like everyone who is coming over to try to be settled in by 11:30,” Lt Fay said Monday morning. “Please note there is going to be very limited parking at the horse guard headquarters,” he added. Local and state officials have been invited to participate in the welcoming ceremonies.

Most who attend will need to park at Fairfield Hills, and walk to the horse guard headquarters. Reed School is hosting its own special event today, said Lt Fay, “so we won’t be able to offer parking [at 3 Trades Lane].”

The schedule posted on the Unity Riders website indicates the group will arrive at the horse guard, and then leave for procession through Newtown.

“That is incorrect,” said Lt Fay. “There is no separate ride through Newtown. All events today will be taking place at the horse guard.”

The website notice, said Lt Fay, was posted a few months ago, before today’s schedule was finalized.

This is the third annual Unity Ride, with members of the Dakota and Lakota Native American Nation riding on horseback to being a message of peace, unity and solidarity to all whom they encounter along their way. Ten Dakota Riders recently set out form their home on horseback, on a 4,000 mile journey.

The group decided to visit Newtown this year, bringing their message to residents following the events of 12/14.

On Monday, the Riders and those traveling with them will arrive in Newtown and the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard plans to welcome them as they ride into the gates. They will be met by 2GHG Major Gordon Johnson and other dignitaries where they will pass in review of the troops, delegates, guests, and the public.

The group be staying in Newtown until Wednesday, when they will resume their ride.

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