"Unity In Diversity" Programs Preview, May 13-June 26

Unity in Diversity is a weekly television show centering on pastors, clergy and other leaders and representatives of faith communities in the local area. Program host the Reverend Leo McIlrath discusses their beginnings, buildings and furnishings, their key personnel, liturgical services and community activities.

Programs can be seen on Mondays at noon and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, on Charter Communications Channel 21.

Programs for the coming weeks include: May 13 and 15, The Reverends Michael and Ann Coburn, St James Episcopal Church, Danbury; May 20 and 22, The Reverend Allen German, Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Danbury; and May 27 and 29, Father Angelo Arrando, Saint Gregory Catholic Church.

Also, June 3 and 5, The Reverend Linda Hansen, The Unitarian-Universalist Society of Western Connecticut; June 10 and 12, Buddhism with the Reverend Ocean of Wisdom, Saccra; June 17 and 19, The Islamic Society of Western Connecticut with Emad Ismael; and June 24 and 26, Mahendra Asher, The Hindu Community of Greater Danbury.

 Comments and questions may be addressed to Rev McIlrath, coordinator of Corpus Connecticut and ecumenical chaplain to the Lutheran Home of Southbury, at lionofjudah56@gmail.com.

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