Two Choices For The Library Board

To the Editor:

Of the changes Newtown's new library director has instituted, one is especially catastrophic and should be reversed immediately.

Driving Andrea Zimmerman out of the library was worse than a cruel attack on a beloved member of the institution. For as hurtful as it must be for her, it is a terrible loss for Newtown. The patrons of the library have lost a dedicated public servant, a person who made a difference in the life of every reader, writer, school child and student who turned to her for help. Such employees must be cherished.

It seems to me the board has two choices: Reinstate Andrea Zimmerman and demand the full support for her from the new director; or replace the new director.

By admitting a mistake, Shawn Fields can repair the damage he has wreaked so far, and start over— forgiven by a forgiving town—at an important job that cries to be done with flair, intelligence, dedication, and kindness. If he cannot accept Andrea Zimmerman back wholeheartedly, then the board has to admit a mistake and find a new director.

Justin Scott

40 Parmalee Hill Road, Newtown             September 10, 2013

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