Try Thinking With A More Open Mind

To the Editor:

After the shootings on Dec. 14, 2013 happened, our town was left in a state of shock. Too shocked, in my opinion, because it has led people to question, and attempt to ratify, the 2nd Amendment, the glorious document that allows us to keep and bear arms. Our first amendment allows us to speak (and among other things) freely. Unfortunately, some people have felt too afraid to speak in such a manner. In Newtown, it is considered okay if you speak out and say “guns kill”, but the second you go out and say “Let us keep our guns”, the public frowns upon you, and wants you arrested for “disturbing the peace”. These biases against the people who are protecting our rights are quite over whelming. Once in a while someone will fight through the stereotypes and stares from other people to make a statement (Refer to “The Holster on my Hip”, Letter hive, 8/19/2013) but the intense negative pressure from the people usually make people choose to stay in the shadows. Its not just people that are adding the heat. Large corporations, such as Starbucks, are creating a worse tone for the cause of right preservation, stating that “Firearms are no longer welcome inside of Starbucks franchises”

So what does this mean for the gun debate? In order to create a better environment where all ideas are accepted, the people who give angry looks at pro-second amendment advocates (and you know who you are), try thinking with a more open mind to those people, and even have an open mind to their ideas, for you my see, in the long run, they are correct.

Think about it,

Scott Preszler

14 Overlook Drive, Newtown                                 September 20, 2013

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