Thirsting For Assistance

Photo: Nancy Crevier

Members of the Town & Country Garden Club of Newtown, from left, co-president Diana Johnson, co-president Josie Schmidt, Emi Lydem, and Barbara O’Connor display the buckets and pails used to hand water annuals in the island gardens maintained by the club. 

The Town & Country Garden Club supports three of the floral islands that beautify intersections in the Borough: one at the intersection of Queen Street and Church Hill Road; one at the intersection of Glover Avenue and Route 25; and one where Queen Street and Glover Avenue meet.

An ongoing difficulty has become a crisis in the recent spells of hot weather, that of adequately watering the island gardens. Established shrubs and native plants can withstand a dry spell, but rose bushes, potted plants, and annuals suffer.

Members of a group that is “maturing,” according to Ms Johnson, are lugging buckets of water to care for the plants. It is a chore that is not only physically difficult, but does not provide sufficient water for the plants in need.

Town & Country is hoping that stronger individuals or members of Scout groups or other clubs might be able to take on the task of keeping the gardens watered this summer and into the fall.

To volunteer, contact Town & Country Garden Club member Sandy Motyka at 203-426-0378.

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