A Thankful Volunteer

To the Editor:

When I found out HealingNewtown [Arts Space] was seeking volunteers, I immediately contacted them. The first day I volunteered, I was amazed. The art work donated from all over the world fills your heart with warmth. The bronze statue that greets you from Colorado, the beautiful turtle statue which I believe was from Florida, in the back room, I saw 26 ceramic angel statues, beautiful handmade quilts, posters, and last but not least, hundreds and hundreds of letters.

The next time I volunteered, they let me write thank you notes to those who wrote us. Reading those letters made me quite emotional. However, it felt great to write back and thank them for all the support and love they gave us. Seeing children come in smiling, laughing, and playing together was just beautiful. HealingNewtown is a place where people can forget about their stresses, their problems. I am very lucky to have been a part of this organization. And I truly hope they can find a place to continue their efforts in healing this community.

Julianna Pergely

17 Meadowview Terrace, Monroe May 14, 2013

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