Support From the NMS PTA

To the Editor:

Newtown Middle School PTA has voted to advocate for a Yes vote for this weekend's town referendum regarding Sandy Hook School. Passing this referendum is a win-win for both our school district and our town government.  Accepting the $50 million grant from the state will not only bring the Sandy Hook students back to Newtown, but will also replace a valuable town asset.  Failure to accept this grant will have an impact on all Newtown families.

If the referendum fails, it cannot result in moving the school's location, nor can it change the project from a rebuilding to a renovation.  Rather, if the referendum fails, there will be no Sandy Hook School.  All 450 Sandy Hook students would be shifted into the other elementary schools, causing a redistricting of all other Newtown students.  Because our student enrollment is currently at a seven-school level, redistricting would mean portables at the elementary schools (which would be paid for by Newtown taxpayers).

Should our student enrollment ever decline to the levels of no longer needing a seventh school, the new SHS school would give Newtown the option of using it for other town space needs. Also, accepting this grant would not impact our local taxes because the town is not required repay the state.

Please join the NMS PTA and vote Yes on Saturday October 5, between 6 am and 8 pm at the Newtown Middle School on Queen Street. 


Denise Tramposch

NMS PTA President

35 Little Brook Lane Newtown

Jen Scarangella

NMS PTA Advocacy Chair

14 Poorhouse Road, Newtown                   October 2, 2013

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False statement

I'm sorry as I know you are passionate about this vote, but you comment are simply not true. The state has not told us what to do wuth SHS, and we can reject this option and come up with a different plan and still recieve the funds.

Some of our elected officals started these fasle stateemnt and now they are being repeated as fact. They are not.

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