State Police Releases List Of School Shooting Victims

The Connecticut State Police released the following list of the 26 victims who were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. The listing also designates the dates of birth and gender of the victims.

Charlotte Bacon 02-22-06 F

Daniel Barden 09-25-05 M

Rachel Davino 07-17-83 F Adult

Olivia Engel 07-18-06 F

Josephine Gay 12-11-05 F

Ana M Marquez-Greene 04-04-06 F

Dylan Hockley 03-08-06 M

Dawn Hochsprung 06-28-65 Principal

Madeleine F. Hsu 07-10-06 F

Catherine V. Hubbard 06-08-06 F

Chase Kowalski 10-31-05 M

Jesse Lewis 06-30-06 M

James Mattioli 03-22-06 M

Grace McDonnell 11-04-05 F

Anne Marie Murphy 07-25-60 F

Emilie Parker 05-12-06 F

Jack Pinto 05-06-06 M

Noah Pozner 11-22-06 M

Caroline Previdi 09-07-06

Jessica Rekos 05-10-06 F

Avielle Richman 10-17-06 F

Lauren Russeau 06-1982 F

Mary Sherlach 02-11-56 F

Victoria Soto 11-04-85 F

Benjamin Wheeler 09-12-06 M

Allison N. Wyatt 07-03-06 F

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