Spreading The Love

To the Editor:

This past Sunday, a Community Giveaway was held at Reed Intermediate School where donated items were distributed to the children of Newtown in the wake of the Sandy Hook School tragedy.  Our mission was to realize the intention of the donors by spreading love to our community during the healing process.

I have to thank all who were involved in making this day a success:  Lorribeth Pavone, Mary Jane McNamara, Chris Kelsey, John Moore, Kellie Hayden and team (BIC Corporation), and over 50 volunteers who worked endlessly for days.  I would also like to thank our “entertainers”:  2LT Ken Fay and Captain Marrinan of the Governor’s Horse Guard; John Wisnieff (Newtown Juggling & Circus Arts Club); Desiree Galassi (Language of Love Paper Heart Project); Joanne Dorme, Jamie Saks, and Scott Harrington (our face painters); and Beth Bogdan (Republic Records) and musicians: Danny Watson, Adam Rhodes, and “The Energy” band.

I truly hope the children felt the outpouring of love sent to them from people around the world.  It was a pleasure for me to be involved in this event and witness the smiles on their faces!!

Ann Benore

Newtown Social Services

3 Main Street, Newtown                    February 26, 2013

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