Special Needs Kids Are Pretty Special To Many People

To the Editor:

I want to thak Linda Jones for all that she does to make the FUN support groups happen.  We took our son Daniel to a Halloween Party at the High School on November 2, 2013 and the Best Buddies club were there to play with and encourage the special needs children.  I joined one of the children to judge the Halloween costumes, and it was a very special evening.

My son Daniel is typically pretty unique when we attend these types of functions, because he is the only child who is in a wheelchair hooked up to a feeding tube.  As time has gone by here in Newtown more and more children have met Daniel through volunteer programs like the STARR volunteers at Reed, and Best Buddies, and they come up to him, and say hello to him when they see him around town. I wish I could take all of these kids together and thank them personally for going out of their way, and out of their comfort zone, to meet my son and others like him.  It not only changes Daniel life to have friends, but it will make a life changing impact on these kids as they grow into adults.

Thank you kids, wherever you all are, and you know who you are, for getting involved with the special needs community. It speaks so loudly of your compassion. So that being said I would like to share a great celebration. When Daniel was first diagnosed with his rare brain deformity, I was told that he would have short life span and that if he lived to the age of 10 we would be lucky. Well, he is turning 16 on November 22 and to celebrate his life, and his connection with the community we are having a “Card Shower” for him.  The goal is to cover one wall of his room with birthday wishes, so if you would like to send a card to Daniel please do so, 35 Bennetts Bridge Road  Sandy Hook, CT  06482.

Daniel is pretty special to many people, and I don't know a single gift greater than an expression of love for him. All of the struggle and hardship can be cast aside when you see how incredible a life can be changed, just be meeting a boy or a girl like Daniel.

Julie A. Hasselberger

35 Bennetts Bridge Road  Sandy Hook     November 6, 2013

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