Saying Goodbye To The Sandy Hook School Building

To the Editor:

Sandy Hook School is a part of our history, a part of our lives. My own family roamed those halls for 14 years. Whether we decide to massively renovate it, or tear it down, I have a request. Can we set aside a day when we can have one last walk-through?

I'm assuming the section of the hallway and the two classrooms are boarded off. That's fine. But to have an opportunity to say goodbye to the rest of the school – I think that's important closure for Sandy Hook School families past and present.

I'd suggest requiring Newtown photo ids, or being accompanied by a Newtowner – to keep out the gawkers. I know that some people never want to step inside that school again – but some of us do, to say goodbye.

Tom Bittman

17 Rose Lane, Sandy Hook                                May 6, 2013

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Bad Idea

This is just selfishly morbid. Let it “rest in peace”. Also consider the costs for such an open house; cleaning-up the entire building and securing it from photographers, souvenir hunters, media crews, etc.

Jack Halmose

Great Idea

Mr. Bittman:

For those interested in doing so, this is a wonderful and very poignant suggestion.

You might find it interesting to know (or perhaps you already know) that the school was renovated by Stamford resident Joe Gambino's company, Atlas Construction around 1991. Haven't been able to dig up who built the school, perhaps Joe was involved in that as well. Coincidentally, Joe passed away in his '70s from brain cancer about 1 week after the shooting.

Brendan Duffy

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