Sandy Hook School Annual Awards Ceremony

With blankets and towels folded beneath them, Sandy Hook School students sat behind Monroe’s Chalk Hill Middle School on Monday, June 16, for the school’s annual awards ceremony.

Sandy Hook School Principal Kathy Gombos told the students the event was to celebrate each of the students and their accomplishments throughout the 2013-14 school year.

After hearing from a representative of C.H. Booth Library about the library’s summer reading program, Ms Gombos told the students, “You can go to the beach, you can go to the park, and you have to stop by the Booth Library [this summer].”

Nearly all of the school’s students were honored for something during the ceremony, including physical education accomplishments, music program efforts, and reading accomplishments.

Members of the school’s Project Eagle group were honored for their actions for the community, students who participated in this year’s PTA-sponsored geography program were recognized, and students who participated in the Math Olympiads program also earned recognition during the event.

When art teacher Leslie Gunn spoke, she asked members of the school’s Kindness Club to come forward to share paintings they created that will be distributed to places in need.

Fourth graders also took turns reading lines from a prepared speech.

“We want to thank everyone who made our time at Sandy Hook Elementary School so wonderful,” one student read.

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