Recharged By Newtown’s Kindness

To the Editor:

Another example of why it’s “Nicer in Newtown.”

After a wonderful meal last Saturday night with two of my favorite friends at Toro, my car had a dead battery.  I assured my friends it was no problem, I have AAA and they respond from the Sugar Street gas station, usually within 10 minutes or so (they are awesome with service as well). I went back into the restaurant and told the hostess I would be in the lobby waiting for AAA.  She immediately offered to find someone employed there with jumper cables, which she did, saving me even a brief wait for AAA.

I tried to say no because they were too busy and not to worry (It was an extremely busy Saturday night) but a nice young man came out anyway, brought his car around and jumped my battery. He refused any money even when I tried to insist.

Thank you, Toro, the food was terrific and the service was above and beyond. That’s so Newtown!


Bek Meyers

Mt Pleasant Rd, Newtown                         February 10, 2014

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