Raising Funds For A Memorial

Photo: Andrew Gorosko

Organizers Missy Santos, left, and Aly Montague coordinated a February 23 event at Edmond Town Hall to raise money to help purchase granite benches for a memorial to the 26 people who died on 12/14. The fundraiser was known as Bring Newtown Together, Be One Forever. It was conducted for We Are Newtown. The project raised about $4,300. 

Photo: Andrew Gorosko

A group of farriers joined efforts to create modified horseshoes as a fundraising device for We Are Newtown. The horseshoes are twisted into the shape of Sandy Hook School memorial ribbons. The horseshoes are painted green and white, which are the school’s colors. Pictured, from left, are equine veterinarian Dr Bob Neff, and farriers Jim Mucherino, Joe Santos, Joe Boccuzzi, and Rich Fortier. Details on the horseshoes are available from Mr Santos at jsantoshorseshoeing@yahoo.com

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