Queen Street Resident Urges More Speed Bumps

A Queen Street resident is urging Police Commission members to have all five of the large speed bumps planned for Queen Street installed there to hold down motorists’ travel speeds as a pedestrian safety measure.

Late last year, the town installed three large speed bumps, known as “speed tables” on the southern section of Queen Street as a speed control measure.

Dan Shea of 44 Queen Street told Police Commission members April 2 that he appreciates that the town has installed three of the asphalt speed bumps on the road. He added he now wants to have the other two speed bumps installed, as specified in the plans for the project.

The presence of the three speed bumps has made Queen Street “more livable and safe,” Mr Shea said.

The Police Commission is the local traffic authority.

Fred Hurley, town public works director, said April 3 that the town plans to install the two additional speed bumps this spring, but it first must deal with other road-related tasks such as pothole repair.

The two additional speed bumps will be installed on Queen Street before the summer, Mr Hurley stressed, noting that the town has promised to install all five devices as described in its plans.

Also, the three existing speed bumps, whose yellow traffic paint has worn off during the past several months, will be repainted, Mr Hurley said.

Mr Hurley said he expects that the town will hire a contractor to install the two additional speed bumps.

The mile-long north-south Queen Street links Church Hill Road to Mile Hill Road.

While the speed limit on Queen Street is 25 mph, advisory traffic signs posted by the town recommend that drivers limit their speed to 10 mph while traveling over the speed bumps.

Queen Street area residents have long complained to the Police Commission about speeding motorists on Queen Street.

To determine the design and the best locations for the speed bumps, the town hired Frederick P. Clark Associates, Inc, of Fairfield, which is a traffic planning firm, and Spath-Bjorklund Associates, Inc, of Monroe, which is a civil engineering firm, to develop plans for the work.

In response to complaints about traffic speeds on Queen Street, police conducted a traffic enforcement crackdown there in the winter of 2012.

During a 20-day period, police stopped 369 drivers on Queen Street for various violations. Those violations primarily involved speeding. Among those 369 motor vehicle stops, police issued three misdemeanor summonses, 166 infraction tickets, 155 written warnings, and 45 verbal warnings.

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Speed bumps

I believe the Police Commission said they might put in two additional speed bumps. The originaltraffic study recommended three. The Police Commission keep getting studies until they liked the answer. Traffic has been calmed on Queen Street. There are other roads that have far more serious speeding issues now. The additional speed bumps will increase the diversion of traffic to Main Street and Glover. It is unfair of Mr. Shae to divert his problem to his neighbors. The 5000 motorist who travel on Queen also should be entitled to a say on this matter. As the traffic has been calmed the obviousd objective of Mr. Shea and the commission apperas to be to divert the traffic off Queen making a fewe residents on Queen happy, but the rest of the town angry. Politics at it worst.

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