Put Your Gun Away

(The following letter is addressed to the author of a letter entitled “The Holster On My Hip,” published in the 8/23/13 edition of The Bee.)

Dear Lou Carpenter,

You say that you recognize the emotions that make people in Newtown view you differently when you openly carried your sidearm. I don’t believe you do. If you did have compassion for the survivors, then you would put your gun away. If you did feel the loss and resulting pain that the shooting inflicted, then you would put your gun away. If you did understand the changes in attitude people have towards firearms here, then you would put your gun away. Instead, you decided to make a political statement. Why is it so difficult for you to realize that an openly carried sidearm truly threatens, menaces and intimidates those who are still traumatized?

Children who were in the school when their friends were murdered are dealing with issues that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Our entire community has been hurt. Do you truly believe that what you did was for our benefit? Do you truly believe that  our community should accept the world as it is and just get over it? Overcoming the trauma will take more than time. It will take hard work on the survivors’ parts as well as the support of a loving community. You want to make us believe that you are the victim.

You say that you are a responsible gun owner – but this doesn’t matter. Our experience here has proven that there are many, like Adam Lanza, who are not. This is not about you. If you did understand this, then you would put your gun away.

Rich Boritz

30 Still Hill Road, Sandy Hook                         August 24, 2013

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