Pulling Together

To the Editor:

A community is like an extended family in many ways: a large, assorted group of people in close proximity who care about each other to different degrees and have a vested interest in working and living together in harmony, sometimes despite their differences. Newtown is a family in grief now. As such, we have embraced each other more closely and joined in a common effort to prevent future tragedy. As anger and frustration bubble up inside us in this aftermath, though, our interactions can become more complicated.

Every one of us needs to honor our own manner of grieving and the gamut of emotions we experience along the way. I think that we also need to respect each other’s differences, as well as our assorted choices of action, or inaction.

This is a tough task when emotions are raw, and stances are taken with passion and the strong emotion behind our collective and personal losses. Even so, it’s vital that we do our best to be kind to our fellow Newtowners. For the most part, everyone has similarly good intentions behind their choices and behavior, as well as a deep well of sadness. Let’s pull together now because we need each other more than ever.

Miranda Pacchiana

21 Gelding Hill Road, Sandy Hook April 3, 2013

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