Public Participation At Fairfield Hills

To the Editor:

While attending the very busy Fairfield Hills Authority meeting on Monday evening for a different reason, I learned that there may be an effort by the FHA or other town entities to advance the idea of adding housing as an allowable use on the Fairfield Hills campus. Without taking a position here for or against, my concern is that when the idea of housing on the campus was seriously considered twice in the past, the public played a very significant role in not only the discussion, but in the decisions, twice, not to change the plan.  

 Hopefully, Newtown's taxpayers, who agreed to spend millions of dollars to purchase the gorgeous campus based on the original Master Plan, will be given that same opportunity again, long before any board, council or commission in Newtown takes any action on the subject.  

Kevin Fitzgerald

24 Old Farm Hill Road, Newtown    May 21, 2014

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