Private Schools Deserve Better Public Security Measures

To the Editor:

As a Newtown taxpayer, who continues to see his taxes go up, I was dismayed when I learned that my child is not as important to the town as the kids going to the public school. It is my understanding that St Rose, and other private schools in Newtown, will not be given the same security measures due to it being a private school. 

It's interesting to note that the families who choose to send their children to a private school, for any of the various reasons, are still required to pay the same taxes to the town.  The town realizes a financial benefit because it's one less child in the public school system, yet our town leaders don't feel the natural obligation should be given for the same safety measures for these children. 

If we as a community believe that our children are in need of additional security, then it should be for all children of the community, not one over another.  The families who send their children to private schools in Newtown deserve the same consideration as those who send their children to the public schools. Remember the public schools realize a financial benefit because of the number of children that go to the various private schools in our community.  

Dan Adamcheck

Boulder Creek Road, Newtown                    October 20, 2013

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Public Money at Private Schools

If it is wrong to spend public money on any private enterprise then why has the Supreme Court said it is permissible for local governments to provide bus service (as we do here) and school nurses at parochial schools (not sure if we do). We are already using public monies for some fuctions.

Private vs. Public

As a former parishioner, I understand your point; but it is not valid. The school choice you make for your children has to be made via an analysis of all of the positive and negative options at your disposal. Security is but one of many decisions. It is wholly improper to spend public money on any private enterprise. You have the option of sending you children to public school or paying for the security system of your choice at St. Rose.

Bob Schafer
Lincolnshire IL

Good Points

Mr Adamcheck you bring up good points and illustrate that very often actions are taken without considering all the policy implications. Both for the government and private entities,.

Would the next disturbed criminal planning an attack like this see the security at the public school and go on to a private school? Does the Diocese bear any liability for not implementing the same level of security the public school does?

Perhaps it is the responsibility, or in the best interest of the private school to increase security beyond what the public schools do. this then becomes a selling or marketing point that would attract more paying students? Certainly this would increase cost but there are people who are willing to pay for a first class seat on an airplane and it gets there the same time the coach seats do,

St Rose is not an elite prep school. Its students and parents are our neighbors. However; if we had a school like the Taft or Choate-Rosemary hall would we be having this debate or would we say they can afford it? Yale University has its own accredited police department so it is not forced to depend on New Haven to keep its students saf.

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