Police Remind Residents Of Wintertime Snow & Ice Control Laws

With the arrival of winter weather, town police are reminding local residents and commercial snow removal personnel of multiple laws that pertain to snow and ice control.

Sergeant Aaron Bahamonde, who oversees the police’s traffic unit, said in a statement that a town ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles on town roads between sunset and sunrise from November 15 through March 15. The parking ban is intended to allow town public works staffers to clear those roads of snow and ice in a timely manner.

Also, a town ordinance requires that residents to clear snow, ice, and debris from sidewalks along any streets adjacent to their homes, he said.

In a related matter, it is illegal for property owners and snow removal companies to deposit snow and/or ice on roadways.

Additionally, state law prohibits motorists from driving vehicles with snow and/or ice accumulations on the top, back, and sides of their vehicles. The law requires that all vehicle windows be cleared to provide unobstructed views.

If snow and ice deposits are not properly cleared from vehicles, those deposits may break loose and fall off or fly off the vehicle, causing hazards to other drivers.

The various laws carry fines as penalties for violations.

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