Police Panel OKs Secondary Post For Chief

Police Commission members have approved a request from Police Chief Michael Kehoe to start a second job as an instructor for Post University’s online education program in the field of criminal justice.

Commission members approved the chief’s request for secondary employment at a March 5 session.

Chief Kehoe told Police Commission members that the Waterbury-based university’s online program in criminal justice would provide him with flexibility in terms of his role as an instructor.

“It interests me … It gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility” in terms of serving as an instructor, he said, noting that the position would not require him to work at the university’s campus on Country Club Road in Waterbury.

The chief would need access to a computer with an Internet connection to work as an instructor.

Police Commission Chairman Paul Mangiafico said that the secondary position would allow the chief’s law enforcement talents to be used on a broader scale.

Police Commission member Joel Faxon strongly supported the chief serving as an instructor.

“[College students] couldn’t learn from a better person,” Mr Faxon said.

According to Post University’s website, it offers an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

A courses description reads: “Dedicated criminal justice professionals can make a difference in their communities and play an important role in keeping others safe. If you’re interested in this professional field, Post University Online can help you build a strong foundation. By working with seasoned professionals in this field, you will develop practical skills in forensic science, criminal procedure, criminal law, and ethics, and discretion that will prepare you for positions in a variety of criminal justice specialties.”

Chief Kehoe, 57, joined the police department in 1978, rising through the ranks to become the chief.

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