Police Department Adds New Officer To Its Ranks

Michael Caramadre is the a latest man to join the Newtown Police Department.

Officer Caramadre, who is now studying law enforcement at the state’s municipal police academy in Meriden, was hired on June 26 after the Police Commission decided on June 3 to offer him a job.

Officer Caramadre was sworn into office as a policeman in ceremonies on July 2. The post of probationary police officer has a starting salary of $50,786.

Provided that he successfully completes the police academy training, Officer Caramadre would return to Newtown in mid-December, after which he would receive several months of field training by local police officers.

Following field training, he would start independent patrol work as a probationary police officer next spring.

Officer Caramadre, 44, is the 43rd police officer on the police department’s roster. Police are seeking to hire two more patrol officers to bring their ranks up to its full sworn complement of 45 officers.

During the past several months, the police department has seen the departure of several members, including one lieutenant, two sergeants, and two patrol officers.

The Police Commission hired three new patrol officers late last year. The three men — Timothy Schoen, Adam James, and William Crone — recently returned from the police academy and are now receiving field training. They are expected to start independent patrol work this fall.


Law Enforcement

Of his interest in law enforcement, Officer Caramadre said, “I always liked helping people and have always wanted to be a police officer.”

He said he looks forward to learning about law enforcement at the police academy.

Officer Caramadre, who is married and has two children, coaches Little League Baseball.

He explained that he took the Citizen Police Academy course last spring, which is annually offered by the police department to familiarize members of the public with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. He termed the course “very informative,” explaining that he learned much about Newtown in the course designed for civilians.

Officer Caramadre said he believes that his maturity will aid him in interacting with the public as a police officer.

When considering the events of December 14, 2012, in which 26 people were killed in a shooting incident at Sandy Hook School, Officer Caramadre said he would be sensitive to the issues raised by 12/14 in interacting with the public.

He said he hopes that other town police officers pass on to him the knowledge which they have gained through their law enforcement work to aid him in his duties.

Officer Caramadre formerly worked in the field of residential construction management.

Officer Caramadre, who has worked as a scuba instructor, enjoys scuba diving, having explored the depths of Candlewood Lake and Long Island Sound.

Of Officer Caramadre’s hiring, Police Chief Michael Kehoe said, “We look forward to him joining our family…He comes with a wealth of business experience and maturity.”

“We think he’s going to be a ‘great fit’ for the town of Newtown,” Chief Kehoe said.

Officer Caramadre has great people skills, plus the proper attitude and demeanor for law enforcement, Chief Kehoe said.

The police hiring process is lengthy, including a written test, interviews, physical fitness testing, a medical exam, a psychological exam, polygraph testing, and background checks. It is designed to find the people best suited for law enforcement.

Officers Caramadre, Schoen, James, and Crone all took a written exam for the post of police patrol officer which was given by the police department in June 2013. About 100 people took that test.

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