Please Participate In Government

To the Editor:

This past election season was “quiet” at the level of the Board of Selectmen, as we three faced no competition. While we appreciated not having to add the burden of campaigning to our already busy work lives, we regret having missed out on the personal interaction that comes with seeking your vote.

Each of us is a veteran of numerous political campaigns spanning many years, across many different arenas of service.  We each are accustomed to reaching out to you on your turf, to explain our agenda, articulate our values and beliefs, and to defend our record. We learned a great deal in those personal interactions.  You informed us well about your wishes for our community and we grew in understanding about the intersection between government actions and your dreams and visions.

Our board now begins another full term.  Our work on behalf of the community will continue to be grounded by three principles we believe are necessary for Newtown to thrive: strength in fiscal policy and financial practices; excellence in K-12 education; support for a quality of life that meets the needs of all residents. We look forward to your views on these principles and the many, many underlying issues and actions.

Thank you for your support. Please participate in our government.  Let us hear your voice. We are a better, stronger community with your involvement.

Your Board of Selectmen,

E. Patricia Llodra

William F.L. Rodgers

James O. Gaston, Sr

3 Primrose Street, Newtown                    November 12, 2013

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