Patience Wearing Thin

To the Editor:

Today I watched a truck that picks up dumpsters from construction sites maneuver it's way through the not completely cleared streets where snow has piled up and the multiple parked cars of workers (there is construction going on at my house) to remove a loaded-up dumpster and deliver a new one.  I similarly watched a large garbage truck which has to maneuver to get close enough for the truck's arms to lift my refuse bin.  Both were done skillfully, and without fanfare, by private companies as part of a day's work to earn their living. Then there is the mail delivery truck, a tiny little thing (which may even be form of jeep) which has stopped delivering my mail because it cannot turn around after dropping mail in my mailbox.

It can turn around.  I am able to turn my station wagon around every day.  When I went to the post office to ask about this, I was told according to federal rules blah blah blah they can't deliver the mail to my mailbox.  What ever happened to "neither rain nor sleet..."?  If it were just mail delivery...

At some point people are going to rebel against the wonderful workings of our government and its agencies.  They may think they have a secure job not having to deal with the uncertainties of private enterprise, and they can tax, tax, tax.  But my patience is wearing thin as I am sure is the case with others in Newtown.

Simon Sobo

36 Taunton Lake Drive                             February 26, 2014

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